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Babel Street Insights: The Future of Decision Intelligence

By Kevin Harris

As the world’s leading data-to-knowledge company, our singular focus is rooted in better serving our customer’s missions. Every day, we accelerate decision-making speed and accuracy for businesses and government organizations. Today, we are proud to announce the redesign of our Babel Street Insights platform, built to deliver a fully upgraded user experience with unparalleled performance.

We understand that organizations today face unprecedented challenges in effectively harnessing the power of publicly available information (PAI), including overwhelming amounts of data, time-consuming wrangling, and wasted time that delays important data analysis. Determined to smash these barriers and forge a better path for our customers, we conducted a multi-year project to completely re-imagine how customers can achieve greater speed and flexibility while making comprehensive data collection capabilities easier for more users across the organization.

As a result, we have entirely redefined the standards for modern open-source intelligence analysis. The redesigned Babel Street Insights platform completely transforms how organizations discover and decipher PAI, and dramatically accelerates the delivery of game-changing insights for our customers.

The New User Experience

Our platform is the ultimate threat intelligence, identity, and risk management platform, combining advanced features with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for law enforcement, government agencies, and businesses to succeed.

The new Babel Street UX, developed in partnership with renowned design and creative firm frog, unlocks more insights that matter for companies, more rapidly than ever before. Best of all, our new interface allows users to begin taking advantage of the Babel Street Insights platform with no training, enhancing the ability for entire organizations to adopt widespread usage quickly and efficiently.

Key benefits of the redesigned platform include:

Revolutionary Design & Interface

Experience a sleek, modern design that makes navigation and usage effortless. Our platform requires zero training, allowing users to dive in and start working immediately, maximizing efficiency and minimizing the learning curve.

Improved Insights & Efficiency

Unlock the power of analysis-ready data with improved search functionality and Multi-language Smart Search, providing comprehensive results across languages and data types. Gain immediate access to billions of documents for instant indexing and search, with iterative search and refinement ensuring access to the most relevant information based on your specific needs.

Intuitive & Convenient

Babel Street streamlines your workflows, from search to reporting, for seamless integration into your daily operations. Enhance teamwork with collaboration features and stay ahead of threats with always-on automated search capabilities. Moreover, our unmatched language capabilities ensure you never miss critical information due to language barriers.

With markets and geopolitical situations constantly evolving, businesses, law enforcement entities, and government agencies are turning to open-source intelligence as a crucial source of information. The new experience makes staying ahead of threats easier and enhances due diligence through faster, more effective screening and vetting.

This makes Babel Street Insights the platform of choice for organizations that require groundbreaking insights at cutting-edge speed.

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