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When the mission is everything, Babel Street is the trusted partner you can count on.


Languages to discover, decipher, and empower your mission with our advanced linguistics capabilities

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Government Industry Solutions

Game-changing insights the public sector relies on to keep people safe

We’re a company built by intelligence analysts, delivering ground-breaking technology to improve your decision-making and protect what matters most.

Global Situational Awareness

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Sustained situational awareness powered by the Babel Street Insights platform provides notification of emerging threats in order to understand their importance and determine the right countermeasures.

Border Security

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Babel Street offers an AI-enabled repeatable process to automatically screen entities against public records, watchlists, social media presence, and other customer-selected factors to discover and decipher insights on entities that pose an entry threat or show evidence of IP infringements, theft, economic espionage, or harbor other harmful intentions.

Continuous Vetting and Background Checks

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We start with the most comprehensive range of publicly available information possible and distill critical, timely insights so you can take faster action. Get more done in less time, with more accurate results.

Threat Intelligence

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Our solutions deliver capabilities that arm intelligence professionals and analysts with a powerful collection of tools enabling them to take the right action in time to make a difference.

Law Enforcement

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From counter-narcotics activity to human trafficking mitigation, law enforcement organizations around the world rely on Babel Street solutions to improve investigation outcomes and aid in the important work of keeping citizens safe.
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“The Babel Street platform is an incredible law enforcement tool that sharpens targeted operations for police departments facing upticks in violence and recruitment and retention issues."

Dave Glaser

David P. Glaser

Major General (Ret.) U.S. Army; former Provost Marshal General of the Army

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