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New Insight APIs Connect Any Application with Babel Street’s Enhanced PAI

Blending publicly available information with proprietary intelligence to inform more balanced insights is a strategically critical move for organizations and agencies working to mitigate risk and protect valuable assets, VIPs, and national security interests. Taking this important step, however, can lead to some difficult choices, especially when your organization continues to focus on digital transformation – do you make a big bet on a single vendor or cobble together a solution based on a series of small vendors more focused on their product features than your business outcomes?

Babel Street’s new Insight APIs address this challenge in a simple, straightforward way by providing real-time, continuous access to relevant knowledge derived from enriched PAI in a way that easily integrates with existing platforms, data lakes, and applications. This enables you to merge risk-relevant information into your data lakes and internal applications, then deliver fresh intelligence to virtually any endpoint or device.

Tapping quickly into Babel Street’s broad set of enriched data through seamless integration with existing information means that partners can maximize value from their current application investments while staying highly adaptable to future developments.

This tactical move saves you time and money while increasing your organization’s ability to achieve success.

Powered by the Babel Street Data Library

Insight APIs are infused with access to the AI and ML-enabled Babel Data Library, the world's largest and most diverse collection of enriched data. The library empowers customers with data that has undergone a range of improvements like normalization, location extraction, sentiment analysis, violent intent detection, entity identification, and curation by topic or location.

This data originates from more than a billion top-level domains, commercially available sources, and real-world interactions. Going further, it accounts for billions of posts, articles, comments, blogs, chats, images, videos, and domain data that are collected from social media, news, message boards, consumer review sites, blogs, online marketplaces, deep web forums, dark web exchanges, commercial data providers, and our proprietary web crawler.

As a result, the library is constantly growing and insights relevant to your challenges can now go anywhere to rapidly inform multi-disciplinary teams and agents.

Purpose-built to address a range of specific challenges

Each of the three Insight APIs are designed to support specific needs for time-sensitive information, derived from PAI with improvements that include: location extraction, sentiment analysis, violent intent detection, entity identification, and curation by topic or location.

Babel Street Insight APIs deliver open-source intelligence (OSINT) in three key areas:

  • Channels: The Channels API provides access to Babel Street’s curated collection of PAI-informed documents to provide near real-time global situational awareness, focusing on topics including breaking news, disease outbreaks, mass casualty attacks, national disasters, terror events, transportation, and other significant events.
  • Document: The Document API leverages Babel Street’s extensive data collection capabilities to retrieve data across a variety of publicly available sites, including social media, blogs, news, message boards, consumer sites, deep and dark web, and more. This enables users to retrieve highly relevant documents and manage a set of customized search terms.
  • Identity: The Identity API provides access to person-based public records data and related documents. Searches pull from PAI and are performed using identifiers, such as name, address, phone, email, social handle, and more.

Of course, each Insight API provides the benefits of Babel Street’s exclusive Multi-Language Smart Search capabilities, which goes way beyond simple translation to provide context and understanding of the nuances and regional differences across hundreds of global languages.

Since the biggest challenge when combining disparate data sources is being able to get the data into a single format, Insight APIs normalize data inputs to a common standard. This makes integration with existing platforms and applications faster, simpler, and more cost-effective.

Reduce Risk, Maximize Efficiency

Capturing and using PAI effectively, especially across multiple languages and geographies, requires expertise and the right AI-enabled technologies. Unfortunately, many organizations invest valuable time and resources that typically result in expensive, inefficient, and disparate ways of collecting and analyzing relevant, time-sensitive data.

Babel Street’s Insight APIs allow you to easily add enriched, multi-lingual data to your existing apps and workflows, processing publicly available inputs in hundreds of languages ready to help you drive insights anywhere.
Take control of publicly available, open-source data on your terms. 

Learn more about Babel Street Insight APIs right here.

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