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Babel Street and Rosette Team Up to Deliver the Most Advanced Platform for Risk Mitigation, Identity Management, and Threat Intelligence

The Babel Street commitment to continuous innovation took a major step forward recently as we finalized the acquisition of Rosette® from Babel Street. This move adds Rosette’s industry-leading natural language processing and AI technologies to our already robust capabilities, effectively creating the world’s most powerful analytics platform for threat intelligence and risk decision automation. The combination also creates a deeper bench of industry-leading talent – bringing together over 250 experienced sales, marketing, product, and technical resources aligned in the pursuit and ongoing development of groundbreaking technology.

At the heart of our business, Babel Street rapidly delivers critical insights from a massive digital landscape for easy analysis, straightforward collaboration, and swift action. Rosette’s technology blends seamlessly into the Babel Street ecosystem with its ability to help companies understand the people, locations, organizations, and events in their multilingual text. The Rosette text analytics platform is widely used for identity resolution by helping match identities, corporations, addresses, and other identifying information regardless of language, script, nicknames, and many other factors. In addition to being integrated with Babel Street, Rosette will continue to be developed and marketed as a standalone solution.

The pairing also adds some notable professional resources to the Babel Street team. Rosette will add multiple PhD-level experts in artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, linguistic understanding, and machine translation, one of which has published more than 40 papers alone. Additionally, the machine learning and data science teams include five other graduate-level or well-published experts who will extend the reach of the existing Babel Street team.

Delivering for Our Customers

For Babel Street’s existing portfolio of customers, the addition of Rosette’s deep AI and machine-learning-driven natural language processing (NLP) technology supports greater entity knowledge base creation for screening and countering insider threats. This leads to greater intent understanding and trend discovery for governments and commercial enterprises across healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, logistics, and more.

Regardless of the industry, our customers can expect this move to create expanded, locally deployable capabilities and the addition of regularly updated models fueled by the most comprehensive range of enriched, standardized data sources across the digital landscape.

“Babel Street’s deep expertise in cross-lingual search across massive amounts of data, with the addition of Rosette’s ability to identify, categorize, extract, index, and analyze all aspects of multi-language text, will help improve safety and security by keeping our customers ahead of the fast-changing world,” said Michael Southworth, CEO of Babel Street. “Rosette will help propel us to be an even greater leader in threat and risk intelligence and expand the opportunity at a time when this technology is vital for awareness and security.”

Rosette adds a range of impressive capabilities to the Babel Street platform. These technological advantages increase our customers’ speed-to-insight. Some of the highlights:

  • Advanced Natural Language Understanding: this includes expanded access to named entity recognition (NER), relevancy scoring, document clustering, and Chinese, Japanese and Korean tokenization that delivers greater accuracy and richer insights across global markets.
  • Entity Extraction: Rosette excels at identifying relationships between people, places, and organizations, and entity mapping in order to rapidly identify and filter open-source searches across the world’s largest enriched document store.
  • Expanded Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Modeling: from advanced handling of topic classification and intent detection, to risk and fraud scoring, entity attribution, and pattern detection, the AI and ML capabilities enhance Babel Street’s platform across a wide range of use cases.

Babel Street brings cutting-edge technology to the fingertips of the people who need it most – harnessing the power of open-source intelligence to save lives, safeguard organizations and make the world a safer place. Adding Rosette’s groundbreaking technology and extensive collection of knowledgeable professionals to the business gives our customers greater speed-to-insights and value with their investment in Babel Street.

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