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Spotlight: An Inside Look at Babel Street’s Engineering Team

By Rebecca Hirschfield

How often do engineers get the opportunity to connect and work with customers?

In many companies, it’s common for engineers to write code and fulfill requests, but they are often far removed from their customers. Engineers at Babel Street have a different experience.

A Front Row Seat to Impactful Work

Our customers are doing incredibly innovative work and we’re here to help them be successful. Because we collaborate with governments and well-known companies worldwide to co-develop custom solutions, it’s vital that our engineers know the intricacies of the problem they’re trying to solve, their infrastructure and tech stack, and how the end product will be used. This means our engineers work very closely with our customers and have the opportunity to see the impact of every line of code they write.

For example, it was critical for one of our customers to work with the Hungarian government. It was critical to their business that they close the deal, but they needed help. Babel Street’s ability to handle Hungarian language documents would be their best chance, so our engineering team partnered with them to determine what was going to have the highest impact. Putting their heads together, they successfully created a unique linguistic solution for Hungarian — one of the first in the industry! Our engineers were proud of the invention, and the customer was absolutely thrilled, which was the greatest reward of all. This project is not an isolated instance. We have many more like it.

Exciting and Collaborative Work

Our engineers solve the hardest problems out there. Whether it’s writing code to protect countries and borders from threats or building algorithms to prevent cybercrime, we push the frontiers of AI to solve Natural Language Processing (NLP) challenges for mission-critical issues, and our engineers are fully immersed in the action. We always apply the latest technology to new problems, and empower our engineers to take the reins on groundbreaking projects.

“One of my favorite things about working at Babel Street is that no two days are the same. I’m able to collaborate with Sales and our customers to see the challenges they’re facing, then work with my team to find a solution. I’m able to see the immediate impact of our restructured and restyled code, and that is something I’ve never been able to do at any other company,” Gil Irizarry, our VP of Engineering, says. “Because of the nature of the business, we know who’s using our code, when there needs to be a fix, and how it will help the end-user. Let’s just say there’s never a dull moment.”

Join Our Team!

You may not recognize the name Babel Street, but we recognize you! If you’ve ever opened a bank account, traveled the world, or even invested in crypto, there is a good chance you’ve been screened by our algorithms.

Babel Street’s NLP software powers the most important organizations on earth, keeping countries and businesses safe by using the most innovative machine learning technology. We’re a small, yet powerful company, and our engineering team is the backbone of our success. No two employees are cut from the same cloth, and we empower every person in our company to make their mark and grow as an individual.

Our Engineering department is actively hiring, and excited to bring on new talent! If you or someone you know would like to bridge the gap between human language and computer analysis, apply on our careers page today!

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