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Whooster Adds Horsepower Under the Hood

By Kevin Harris

Continuous innovation at Babel Street means we will always continue improving our cutting-edge open-source intelligence solutions. You don’t stay on top by resting on your laurels, that’s precisely why we recently added powerful technology from Whooster to the Babel Street platform.

Adding Whooster and leveraging their OWL technology helps our customers turbocharge their public records search needs along with a range of additional benefits. Whooster excels at uncovering the ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘where’ from publicly available data sources. This proprietary technology sorts, matches, and links results dynamically to surface previously unknown relationships to provide vital information.

The benefits of this technological addition cascade across a wide variety of use cases our customers rely on us to resolve. A few examples include:

  • Risk Mitigation: Whooster enhances organizational strategies through timely, reliable data insights that enable an efficient risk compliance program.
  • Fraud Detection and Reduction: The improved detection capabilities Whooster enables sets your organization up to feel confident in its online fraud protection programs.
  • Investigations: Whooster brings massive amounts of real-time data from across the digital universe to boost investigative efforts significantly.
  • Visa Screenings and Background Checks: Expanding the pool of available data through Whooster helps Babel Street customers conduct incredibly thorough background checks and improves the ability to stamp out internal fraud, theft, waste and abuse before it ever happens. Relying on outdated background check methodology leaves too much risk in your business – adding Whooster to our solution helps customers close the risk confidence gap.

A Deeper Look

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) continues transforming how governments and businesses conduct mission-critical operations. Organizations that can unlock the power of real-time, cross-lingual PAI data across multi-disciplinary teams will drive greater efficiency and effectiveness across threat intelligence, identity and risk management, and alerting.

Yet gathering insights from the constantly expanding sea of online, publicly available data requires the right tools. Making matters more complex, nearly 75% of online data is written in a language other than English. Successfully navigating the modern digital landscape requires a platform strong enough to seamlessly overcome the online language barrier and rapidly deliver game-changing insights. That’s the precise challenge Babel Street’s suite of solutions addresses. And with the addition of Whooster, Babel Street is positioned perfectly to solve an even wider range of customer needs.

Whooster’s OWL Data Fusion technology draws intelligence from multiple sources. This enables customers to spend less time looking for critical data and more time working with it. Proprietary technology sorts, matches, and links results to surface previously unknown relationships and reveals the information critical to your challenge.

Non-Stop Innovation

The addition of Whooster data to the Babel Street platform is the latest example of our commitment to customer success this year. In addition to Whooster, we rolled out two more significant developments in the past few months.

  • Babel Street’s Insight APIs: Three new APIs create a range of flexible opportunities for the organizations we support. These Insight APIs seamlessly integrate open-source intelligence data into any environment with more control and configuration capabilities than any other platform. In short, they make it easy to deploy, manage, and distribute enriched publicly available information (PAI) to any interface, including customer data lakes and internal applications.
  • Enhanced Services Offering: Babel Street’s dynamic service packages provide enterprises with a broad range of tailored subject matter expertise and flexible support levels to fit a wide range of needs. Benefits include access to Babel Street’s subject matter experts in the fields of investigation, analytics, and open-source intelligence (OSINT), along with a wide range of expanded options designed to help customers get the most from our cutting-edge platform.

And coming soon, we’re rolling out a dramatically improved user experience interface for the Babel Street platform. This new environment will transform the AI-powered analytics industry and deliver even more outstanding results for the organizations that depend on us to complete their vital missions. We spent months working directly with our customers and their feedback helped us make our solution more accessible.

Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to providing the world’s best AI-powered analytics platform and see how Babel Street can help your organization achieve mission success.

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