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Closing the Risk-Confidence Gap in Name Matching for the FBI with Rosette

October 26, 11 am ET

The FBI faces many challenges when it comes to accurate name matching. These challenges can have significant implications for national security, law enforcement, and public safety. Some of the key challenges include: 

  • Data sets may have inconsistent or incomplete data 
  • Names can be spelled and transliterated differently, leading to variations in how a person's name is recorded in different data sources. 
  • Not all data contains the same set of identifiers for individuals 
  • Developing and implementing matching algorithms that can accurately identify individuals across diverse and large datasets is difficult and time-consuming 
  • Delays in data matching due to technical or administrative issues can have serious consequences 

To address these challenges, branches of the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) division have invested in Rosette® by Babel Street for name matching. In this webinar, you’ll hear about their experience with implementing and using Rosette, how it works, and how it can help your division deal with similar name matching challenges.  

Don’t miss this program on October 26 at 11 am ET, presented by Michael Harris, Solution Engineer at Babel Street, Brian Biedeman, Federal Civilian Account Executive, and Collin Caprini, Senior Lead Software Developer for Agile5 Technologies, Inc. 

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